October Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter

We hope that October will be a good month for you, your family and business.

At Visec Information Technologies Pty Ltd., we want to remind you that our operations are based in South Africa with a local management team.

We are committed to empowering your business to grow to reach its full potential with our leading License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cloud-Based technology solutions.

As a member:

  • Enjoy direct access to the cloud
  • Direct access to search facilities
  • You don't need your own server to utilize our platform

A Technology Company

Not a Security Company

At Visec, we focus on our core competency of providing License Plate Recognition Technology.
We are not a security company. We operate as a service company and provide a Cloud Based platform service.

While we do not install, supply cameras / hardware or do monitoring, we facilitate this for our clients and also have facilities to do training for your controllers.

New:  Now You Can Have
Your Own Private Cloud

We are pleased to announce that the Visec Private Cloud is now available for immediate implementation to your business. Your company can incorporate the proven and trusted Visec Cloud technology, under your own corporate image.

  • Utilize your own private cloud
  • Branded under your own name

  • Maintain your own vehicle of interest list

  • Your own users and private data

  • Direct access to search facilities

  • No servers are needed to run our platform

Contact us for more information

Camera Expansion

At Visec, our goal has always been to support reliable cameras that we fully integrate and test while having a competitive price point to fit into your budget.

We proudly offer support for the latest camera models including:

  • Dahua

  • HikVision

  • Axis

Coming Soon:  VMS Support

The Visec Video Management System (VMS) has been in operation globally now with great success for over 18 years.  Traditional CCTV systems are connected to a fixed DVR or NVR. We have received requests to enable such setups into the Visec LPR Cloud.

Coming Soon: You will be able to incorporate into your existing CCTV system support for the Cloud. 

  • Visec VMS support  

  • Download a free 1 camera version

  • Easy Visec cloud integration

  • Multiple camera support

  • Built for power- Based on GPU

Stay tuned for more info.

Monitoring Companies

We have strategically aligned ourselves with the following monitoring companies to best suit your needs:

  • Astrosec

  • Others

  • Verifier

Boost your Revenue

Creating added value for your clients provides opportunities for you to increase your customer base and boost the revenue stream of your business. Let us work with you to create a growth strategy with camera deployments and a reseller program.

Visec - We're Proudly a Values
and Ethics Based Company

While our cutting-edge Visec technology may set us apart from the competition, we also value our relationship with you and strive to incorporate trust, ethics and integrity into our business practices to exceed your expectations.

Improved Security

We continually update the Visec Cloud to ensure the utmost data integrity standards including:

  • Local management team
  • A proficient cyber security team
  • Conduct periodic staff awareness training
  • Prioritize risk assessments
  • Regularly review security policies and procedures
  • Implement ways to improve and stay ahead of the latest trends

We wish you well with the push to the end of the year.

We hope that you will reach your goals in this challenging 

and opportunistic times.

-Management Team South Africa.

[email protected]

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