Visec Surveillance Summary

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Summary Of Visec

Visec was invented in 2002, by Philex Enterprises, Inc., a software development company in operation since 1994, whose principal offices are based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Philex employs a wealth of talented NASA Level Engineers and Programmers to bring cutting edge solutions to both businesses and consumers around the world. 

The idea for Visec came after the company's corporate offices were burglarized. Unable to find a cost effective surveillance system that was hi-tech and affordable, the company spent years and millions to develop a surveillance system that incorporates all the cutting edge features found in Military grade applications.

Fast forward 14 years later, and  Visec ranks in the top 5 percentile  for video surveillance software around the world. Visec is installed in over 50 countries on both consumer and commercial use. Visec is continually being evolved with heavy research and development to guarantee the best and easiest surveillance software in the market!

USA, Africa and the world
From one end of the world to the other, Visec is shining bright.  Whether in Los Angeles near the Pacific ocean, or in South Africa where the Atlantic and Indian ocean meet, Visec's executive management team run nearly a 24 hour work day to mastermind the future trends and bring them to life. Combine this with a global development team that reaches 7 countries and the Visec 'think tank' becomes truly an onsemble of worldwide thought leaders.

Visec's entire software is under 30 megabytes in size, compared to our leading competitors who's code is 1.5 GB. Every line of programming in Visec is optimized to the highest efficiency standards. There are no garbage codesets to load into memory or waste resources. We custom engineered Visec to load fast, and optimized it for speed.

Visec supports H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG compression, and soon will support Axis Zipsteam compression.

Visec supports H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG compressions

Visec supports all Axis Camera models including:
AXIS M11 Series,  AXIS M1125,  AXIS M1145,  AXIS M30 Series,  AXIS M50 Series,  AXIS M70 Series,  AXIS P12 Series,  AXIS P13 Series,  AXIS P14 Series,  AXIS P32 Series,  AXIS P33 Series,  AXIS P39-R Series,  AXIS P54 Series,  AXIS P55 Series,  AXIS P56 Series,  AXIS P72 Series,  AXIS P85 Series,  AXIS Q16 Series,  AXIS Q17 Series,  AXIS Q19 Series,  AXIS Q35 Series,  AXIS Q37 Series,  AXIS Q60 Series,  AXIS Q61 Series,  AXIS Q74 Series,  AXIS Q84 Series,  AXIS Q86 Series,  AXIS Q87 Series,  AXIS V59 Series, and more.

Visec supports 99.9% of all ONVIF compliant camera. 

Onvif is a open camera standard that supports network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata. In summary any camera that is built to the ONVIF standard will work with Visec. An analogy i to think of Onvif like gasoline. As any car that can run gasoline can run any brand of gasoline. (similair Visec can run any onvif camera)

Visec supports the entire Hikvision line,  and nearly all of Acti, Axis, Bosch, Brikcom, CNB, CP PLUS, Dahua, Dynacolor, Geovision, Hanwha Techwin, Honeywell, LG, Mobotix, Panasonic, Qnap, Samsung, SANYO, Sony

Visec's camera software has an easy to use interface
-Auto discovery of all Axis cameras
-Easily Scan the network
-Internal DNS remembers MAC address of Axis Cameras

Visec Axis Camera Software is Easy to Use
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Visec supports up to 8 separate monitors as well as the Axis controller, (or use any Windows Game X,Y,Z game controller)

Visec Axis Camera Software Supports up to 8 Monitors

License Plate Recognition Module- LPR

Axis License Plate Recognition

Visec was featured on a major TV channel outlining how it works, and how Visec's technology can save lives.

The video shows Visec license plate recognition software under real life scenarios. A must watch!

Visec LPR is used in many typical Applications:
Hotels - Hospitals - Airports - Valet Parking - Shopping Centers Universities - Entertainment Centers -Toll Booths

Axis Input / Output -IO Software Support

Visec supports supports Axis onboard IO's for full Access Control

Axis Camera I/O
Many Axis Cameras have I/O's in the back.
This picture shows the back side of an Axis camera

Here's how an Axis IO and Visec software for Axis Cameras can operate.

When inputs or ouputs are triggered you can arrange for events to occur.
For example, when a door opens automatically -> turn a light on and record for 2 seconds.
Or when a door sensor is triggered you can choose a PRESET of an Axis PTZ to move to that location. E.g. a door opens in an apartment complex, the Axis PTZ camera then swings to that AXIS preset location.

Or when a door sensor is triggered you can choose a PRESET of an Axis PTZ to move to that location. E.g. a door opens in an apartment complex, the Axis PTZ camera then swings to that AXIS preset location.

Digital inputs
The range of devices that can be connected to an input port of a network camera or video server is almost infinite. The basic rule is that any device that can toggle between an open and closed circuit can be connected to a network camera or a video server.


Device type Description Usage
Door contact Simple magnetic switch detecting opening of doors or windows When circuit is broken (door is opened) the camera can take action, sending full motion video and notifications
Passive infrared detector (PIR)  A sensor that detects motion based on heat emission When motion is detected, the PIR breaks the circuit and the camera can take action
sending full motion video and notifications
Glass break detector An active sensor that measures air pressure in a room and detects sudden
pressure drops (can be powered by the camera)
When an air pressure drop is detected, the detector breaks the circuit and the camera can take action sending full motion video and notifications


I/O usage example: A camera attached to a window switch and to an alarm system/siren

Digital outputs
The output port's main function is to allow the network camera or video server to trigger external devices, either automatically or by remote control from a human operator or a software application.


Device type Description Usage
Door relay  A relay (solenoid) that controls the opening and closing of door locks The locking/unlocking of an entrance door can be controlled by a remote operator (over the network)
Siren Alarm siren configured to sound when alarm is detected The network video product can activate the siren either when motion is detected using the built-in video motion detection (VMD) feature or using "information" from a digital input
Alarm/intrusion system Alarm security system continuously monitoring a normally closed or normally open alarm circuit The network video product can act as an integrated part of the alarm system serving as a sensor and enhancing the alarm system with event triggered video transfers


Download Visec -Software for Axis Cameras - click here


Visec Releases QR Modules- to support rapid Quick Response (QR) Code reading and decoding directly from an analog or IP camera stream with no additional software or scanners to buy. As long as the QR code is visible, the Visec® software module can decode it from a surveillance camera stream, log the results, and perform a programmable function based on the readings.

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