16 camera stream. This is a Visec 16 cam stream license which allows you to run Visec and up to 16 cameras on your system.



We have been told that our software is the best!!!!.

  • Visec supports H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG compression, and soon will support Axis Zipsteam compression.

    Visec supports H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG compressions

    Visec supports all Axis Camera models including:
    AXIS M11 Series,  AXIS M1125,  AXIS M1145,  AXIS M30 Series,  AXIS M50 Series,  AXIS M70 Series,  AXIS P12 Series,  AXIS P13 Series,  AXIS P14 Series,  AXIS P32 Series,  AXIS P33 Series,  AXIS P39-R Series,  AXIS P54 Series,  AXIS P55 Series,  AXIS P56 Series,  AXIS P72 Series,  AXIS P85 Series,  AXIS Q16 Series,  AXIS Q17 Series,  AXIS Q19 Series,  AXIS Q35 Series,  AXIS Q37 Series,  AXIS Q60 Series,  AXIS Q61 Series,  AXIS Q74 Series,  AXIS Q84 Series,  AXIS Q86 Series,  AXIS Q87 Series,  AXIS V59 Series, and more.

    Visec supports 99.9% of all ONVIF compliant camera. 

    Onvif is a open camera standard that supports network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata. In summary any camera that is built to the ONVIF standard will work with Visec. An analogy i to think of Onvif like gasoline. As any car that can run gasoline can run any brand of gasoline. (similair Visec can run any onvif camera)

    Visec supports the entire Hikvision line,  and nearly all of Acti, Axis, Bosch, Brikcom, CNB, CP PLUS, Dahua, Dynacolor, Geovision, Hanwha Techwin, Honeywell, LG, Mobotix, Panasonic, Qnap, Samsung, SANYO, Sony

    Visec's camera software has an easy to use interface
    -Auto discovery of all Axis cameras
    -Easily Scan the network

Key features and benefits of Visec


Feel safe knowing you are in control
Monitor your home, business, or organization 24 hours a day for free
Monitor your office when away or after hours
Be alerted to strangers, burglars or crimes as they occur via email, sms or mms
Keep an eye on your car and other valuables
Install in Day Care or Senior Home and give loved ones peace of mind
Receive E-mail Alerts as soon as motion is detected
Use as a covert surveillance system, and get reports over internet anywhere in the world
Get peace of mind 24 hours a day by monitoring anywhere in the world
Save money on CCTV system by using Visec instead
No monthly fees


Store months if not years of video surveillance history on your computer
Control the level of motion sensitivity
Use almost any simple, inexpensive USB camera, IP/ Network Camera, or Analog Camera, or Onvif Camera
Use pinhole cameras for covert surveillance
See live and historical VIDEO
Program can run in secret mode, while others use your computer
Use multiple cameras at the same time
Receive real time alerts with captured images attached, by email
Installs fast and easy. Process requires no advanced computer knowledge
Can be used as perimeter security system when connected to outdoor cameras
Records time and date when motion is detected
Highly and easily configurable
Receive alerts to phone, pager, office or any other communication devices that are email ready via email, sms or mms.
Can be used with wireless cameras and receivers
Supports IP/Network Cameras

Quick response time to support inquiries
User friendly support manual and documentation
Supports up to 100 IP cameras per server
Display Video on up to 8 monitors on a single server
Watch Dog and Crash Reporting
Use your browse or download our Free Remote Viewer
 Free Access Control module (e.g. turn on lights or open gate if camera detects motion)
Free Licensee Plate Recognition Module
- LPR (rapidly scan a license plate, compare to a database from a camera)

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Visec - Standard Edition

  • Brand: Visec International
  • Product Code: Visec Standard downloadable license
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $499.00

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