Use Visec LPR with Milestone's X-Protect

Free LPR Software

Visec releases LPR for Milestone's X-Protect. If you use Milestone, and need a good License Plate Recognition Software, you can use Visec as an embedded LPR in Milestone. An easy to install  Visec Milestone Plugin makes configuration time under 15 minutes. Best of all you get super accurate readings feed directly into Milestone. Support for real time alerts, blacklisting, white-listing of wanted license plates, playback, and alarm functions. All data stored on Milestones sql database.

Use Visec LPR with Milestone's X-Protect

Download Visec LPR Plugin For Milestone at: Download Now

Compatibility: X-Protect Corporate , X-Protect Expert, X-Protect Enterprise, X-Protect Professional


UPDATES BELOW   -No need to read below unless you want to see what's new


Update 03-01-16 Version 1.3.0

  • LPR Search: Performance improvements
  • LPR Search: Added Paging
  • LPR Search: Added Busy Indicator

  • Manual Import/Export of Master Data
  • Import Master Data from online resource

  • Management service was split into 4 independent services:
  • Implemented automatic transparent Archiving. 
  • Event server plugin watching database file size and performing database coping and replacing once the size is running out of configured limit
  • Search supports searching in archived databases.
  • There could be many databases with LPRs as a result of transparent archiving.
  • Search perform smart searching and paging over all databases till required results found
  • Search logic reviewed and replaced with direct SQL calls to improve performance searching over multiply databases with bunch of data
  • Other performance and concurrence fixes as a result of testing on high loading environment with hundreds LPR's coming per minute.
  • Implemented Sync between multiply instances of Smart Clients.

  • If black list data was changed in one instance of Smart Client, other instances updates their lists automatically. The same for importing master data
  • Smart Client notifies users in case if Server is out of disk space

Updated: 3/17/2016  Version 1.3.1

  • Fixes:
    Archive Manager cannot perform archiving in case blacklist is empty

  • Client Plugin:   Smart Client exits with error in case connection to eventserver was lost

Updated: 10/05/2016  Version 1.4.0

 1.4.0 Release notes(also included in the archive)

Improvements on Disk Space management. The following wasadded:

1) Smart Client plugin generates warning popup once per hourif the Disk storage on the Main server is less than 5 Gb

2) EventServer plugin sends a warning email and generates a Milestone Alarm if theDisk storage is less than 8.4 Gb (default database file size * 3).

Plugin will send email and Alarm each 12 hours until diskspace is cleaned.

3) Event Server plugin removes old LPR data if disk spacemoves below 2.8 GB (default database file size). Plugin sends Alarm and emailonce data removed or disk cleaning fails.

Updated: 1/13/2017  Version 1.4.1

1.4.1 Release notes (also included in the archive)

Changes in Smart Client plugin:

1) Updates for Milestone 2016 R3

2) Fixes with wrong date calculation for 1 month of the Year(Search tab)

Updated: 4/30/2017  Version 1.4.3
1.4.3 Release notes (also included in the archive)
1) Performance and stability updates for Realtime LPR feed
2) Fix for critical issue with plugin initialization
3) Search functionality remains functional if LPR feed service failed

Download Visec LPR Plugin For Milestone at: 
Download Now

Note: XProtect is a registered trademark of Milestone Systems A/S and has not endorsed this application, nor has it endorsed Visec software.