Visec Releases html5 support for Remote Access

Free NVR IP Camera Video Surveillance Software 

  • Ipad, Iphone, Andriod, Blackberry fully supported.
  • Touch Friendly- Works like an app, but nothing to install. No headaches, no bugs no confusion.
  • Traditional browsers now better supported- IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, fully supported with new features!
  • Super Fast- Visec will re sample large video to accommodate 3g, wireless or slower connections.
    For example a 3 megapixel camera will be streamed fast and the size reduced (e.g. reduce to 640 x 480 pixels or larger)
  • Playback Controls- Easily fast forward, rewind, Pause or frame by frame.
  • Special Algorithms for Apple and Android make the experience better.
  • Secure- Uses latest in authentication and algorithms to block failed login's
  • User permission- Create different users and assign them access to see certain cameras.
  • Guest Mode-an optional feature allows guests to connect with no password needed and see certain cameras. (this can be turned on and off as needed)
  • Logs All users IP address connecting.
  • Open and Close Cameras – Close or open a camera remotely.
  • EASY- No manuals to read, no hassles. Download, Install and connect in 2 minutes.