How Facial Recognition Works?

Face recognition works by making a digital representation of an individual’s facial image. It does this by thoroughly analyzing facial structures using features like cheekbones, nose, eyes and lips. Essentially, it develops a detailed map of the lines, angles as well as features of the face and then digitally saves this map as a file. The file has all the details that were collected during the process of verification where the face related to the person was being added for access. This same file is again analyzed in a database when a comparison is made to prove an indemnity.

Facial identification utilizes several techniques to verify an identity. First is geometric intelligence, wherein clear characters are compared. Second is photometrics, which utilizes an analytical approach of changing facial features to a numeric value. This value is compared to the patterns stored in a database. Personal identity is first established once a person is entered into the system. Images are taken from various angles to make a clear map of facial features. When a person is checked for a match, the system will evaluate the values it sees with the values which it knows are permitted to have access.

The major benefit of facial recognition is that it gets rid of human error in a higher capacity. For example, someone can socially engineer their way pass an entrance point by talking to a security guard or even copying an access ID. For obvious reasons, it will be hard to duplicate someone else’s facial characteristics. Even identical twins have significant differences which are collected by Facial recognition software.

Facial recognition is expensive, but can provide savings in due course. For example, there is no need to keep and replace access cards. Access card can be stolen or lost and need further administrative maintenance.  Facial recognition improves the ability of identities falling into the wrong hands by loss or theft. Once a worker leaves their employment, keys and access badges aren’t always turned in. Utilizing a person’s face to gain access means that company owners will need to worry less about where the keys and badges end up.

Furthermore, identity theft is a major concern today. Through simply gaining access to somebody’s pertinent data like a social security number and date of birth, thieves are able to use fraudulent credit cards and personal information. The loss of this information can destroy a person professionally, financially and often takes exhausting amounts of time to remedy. With the use of facial recognition, would be criminals and thieves are going to find it increasingly harder to assume someone’s identity.

Facial recognition is a form of Biometric security that is widely available to the general public and not restricted to government use. However, until recently it was cost prohibitive for many companies to implement. Just like a microwave, DVD players and other electronics which were extremely costly in the beginning, the cost of facial recognition programs have started to drop. This upcoming technology allows companies to implement an effective and reliable security plan, while improving safety and reducing expenses.