The LPRCLOUDSA was created, funded and its critical use donated to SAP’s Custodians by Visec. Visec made this powerful technology for the well being and safety of ALL South Africans. To accomplish this task, Visec invested years of work, millions of Rand’s, and countless consultation from security professionals, and police officers. The result is a state of the art (and only) African LPR cloud.

Visec continues to maintain the LPR Cloud with an expert technical team and sophisticated technology infrastructure.

Current approved users of the LPRCLOUDSA include numerous SAPS members, Hawks, NPA, SAN Parks, City Councils, Metro Police, Law Enforcement, Approved Neighborhood Watch Operations managers, Border Control, Cash-in-Transit and Car Rental Risk Investigators.

Visec’s Research and Development is Based on the Following Visec Core Competencies:

  • Utilize a Team of NASA LEVEL Programmers
  • Produce Internal White Papers
  • Conduct Feasibility Studies
  • Apply Quantitative & Qualitative Research
  • Utilize Market Drivers and Forecasts
  • Continually explore the Global Market outlook for Video Surveillance
  • Staying competitive requires constant development. The programming team and staff reach 7 countries and the Visec 'think tank' has truly become an ensemble of worldwide thought leaders. 
As such, the Visec programming team never sleeps.

Visec is committed to:

  • Leveraging Resources
  • Coordinating on Strategic Development 
  • Ability to Identify Specific Areas of Growth
  • Developing a Scalable Product
  • Maintaining a Competitive Advantage
  • Ensuring the Client has the Most Advanced Solution
  • Visec team members live, play and work in cities across South Africa. Visec’s primary focus is to improve safety through the best technology available.

For more information on how you can connect to the LPR CLOUD SA to your neighborhood watch or business, please contact us.